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Foxcom Group Ltd. was founded in 2005 by two Israeli-Arab entrepreneurs.

The group has approximately 150 work stations with more than 150 telephone sales

 and service representatives, managers and team leaders located in two locations,

Teradion Industrial Park, adjacent to Sachnin and Jenin.

The company currently operates sales and service centers that provide various services to

companies such as Partner (the operators of the Orange cellular network), The

Phoenix , Hachsra and The Ayalon insurance companies. The company also provides

training for all sectors of the country, and in the Arab sector specifically. In addition, the

company has undertaken projects for the economy's largest and leading organizations,

such as Bezeq, Pelephone, 012, Netvision 013, Bezeq International, Isracard, Clalit Health

Services and an Arab newspaper – where customer service, marketing, and the market

penetration of various services into the Arab sector were provided.

The service centers work in shifts.

The company serves all market segments with the goal of leveraging aggressive

Sales’ channels and professional service centers for various companies addressing the

 Arabic, Hebrew and English speaking consumers.