Professional Arabic and English call center
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Professional Arabic and English call center.

Let us bridge the language barrier for sales and support for the lucrative Arabic Speaking Market


We operate out of two locations, Misgav in the North of Israel and Jenin, the second largest city in the West Bank, Palestine. Arabic is our mother’s tongue and our workforce are all highly educated with strong comprehension of English and vast experience in sales, support and general business practice.  Being native to the Middle East and at the same time zone to the large Arab world enables us understand the needs, the customs and to provide top quality service to this lucrative market.

Our services include Sale (outgoing) and Post Sale (incoming) Services. We provide the services over Local Phone numbers, Live Chat, and E-mail support.


The business model enables our clienteles to start small and grow the services parallel to the business growth. Our pricing is competitive and because we are confident in our qualifications, we are open to price some of the remuneration based on success.


Following is partial list of services and industries we serve:



Telecom Service Providers

Cable Service Providers




Leisure and Traveling

Tech Support

First Line Support

Customer Retention

Human Answering service



Customized Sales Camp­­aign (outgoing):

We pride ourselves in developing successful customized sales campaigns. The campaign is fabricated together with our clients, this includes defining the target market, adjusting the products and services and its marketing messages to the specific region and building scripts for sale campaign accordingly. Pricing can be based on low per hour fee and success fee. Click For Quote


Traditional Call Center Services (Incoming):

Be it technical support, Service call, Sales call, human answering service etc. We will work with the client to build the script, train our team and monitor the quality of the service constantly. We provide professional service at business hours and 24/7 service option at a very competitive price. Click for Quote